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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Water Life

We love water and, as you can imagine, we drink a lot of water at our office. As great as we think water already is, we know that some people like to kick it up a notch by adding some flavorings like fruit or herbs. Check out the below compilation of sweet water recipes that can keep your water life exciting.

1. Add a Splash of Juice

You ever see grandma split up her water with cranberry juice to get the delicious effects but not all the sugar? Take a cue from wise granny and add a splash of your favorite citrus or berry juice to your water to give it a blast from the past.

2. Berry, Citrus and Herb Mix

Strawberry, lemon and basil; blueberry, lime and basil; or raspberry, lemon and basil. Any way you slice these awesome fruit, citrus and herb mixes you are sure to get something interesting and refreshing. Let the contents infuse into the water at least one hour before drinking. You can thank us later.

3. Watermelon and Mint

Talk about a flavor explosion! Chop up a handful of watermelon and 5-6 pieces of freshly snipped mint for this refreshing drink that sets your taste buds on fire. You’ll be wondering if this is actually water.

4. Bring the Spa Home

Have you ever been to a spa or a nice hotel and been served water infused with cucumbers or lemon? How about a combination of cucumbers and lemon? You can even mix it up with orange, lime or grapefruit to try different flavor combinations.

5. Mango and Pineapple

The two of these fruits mixed together and infused in your water creates something of a Caribbean vacation in your mouth.

6. Fruit Ice Cubes

Rather than waiting for your fruit to infuse your water why not do a little planning and create some fruit juice ahead of time and freeze them as ice cubes? The result with be a nice subtle hint of fruit and a refreshing drink that has far less natural sugars than if you drank a fruit juice on its own. You can also skip the juicing part and just freeze the fruit on its own (think orange slices) and throw them in the water.

 7. Vitamin-Me

A great way to get a healthy dose of vitamin packed nutrients is to reserve the water you used to cook your vegetables in and chill it. The result will be an interesting taste of vitamin water that is healthy as it is creative.

8. Relax with Tea

We like to drink hot tea but also appreciate it cold. Green tea is a great drink to have cold and looks simply beautiful in a glass with some mint.

9. Pomegranate, Rose Petal and Vanilla

This one takes a bit more work than the others but is amazing. Begin by tossing in your fruit, rose petals and vanilla fruit and covering them with water. Muddle the ingredients together and allow them to infuse the water for at least one day in the fridge. After you take them out of the fridge, stain your water through a sieve and a cheesecloth, serve with ice, then enjoy.

10. Add Some Seltzer Water

For a water combination that is less gassy than standard seltzer water, simply mix some Perrier or other carbonated drink to your water to give it an extra kick. Infuse with any fruits, herbs or flavors you feel would work.

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