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5 Water Activities for the Family this Summer

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than to get wet. We have brought together this list of five really great water activities that are fun for the whole family and that can be enjoyed all summer long.

1.  Water Balloon Fight

There is really nothing that speaks more to summer than a good ol’ fashioned water balloon fight. All you need is about $5 worth of water balloons, a water source, and a nice grass lawn to make the outdoor fun as good as it gets. Throw in some water guns for extra flair and grab the whole family for a good time.

2.  Pool Basketball

A simple game of pool basketball is a great way to involve the entire family and helps to keep everyone active. Put the little ones on your shoulders so they can slam dunk the ball and have a game of horse to test everyone’s shooting skills.

3.  Marco Polo

Perhaps the oldest pool game in the books, Marco Polo is a simple game that only requires a swimming pool and at least two players. One person is designated as the mark and the others try not to get tagged by this individual. There is one catch though, the mark has to keep their eyes closed and whenever they yell out “Marco” all the other players have to shout out polo. It is a game that involves the senses and helps kids develop swimming and listening skills. Adult supervision recommended.

4.  Water Relay

This is a good game when you have six or more players. Start by splitting the kids into equal teams. Next fill buckets with water for each team and place them at a starting point where the game will begin. Place an equal number of plastic cups into the bucket as there are players. At another end line, place empty clear containers with a horizontal line that will be met with the water from the other players.

When you say go, have your kids, one at a time, full up the cups of water and run them over to the end line and deposit them into the other container. Each time the water is deposited, the child runs back to the start line and the next child can then repeat the process. The team that fills the end line container up first wins.

5.  Water Limbo

Simple and fun, water limbo is an easy to play game that only requires some grass and a hose. Have the kids line up and have an adult spray a hose horizontally in the air while everyone limbos under it. The object of the game is not to get wet, but of course, eventually everyone does!

With all of these outdoor water activities it is easy to work up a sweat. Keep the family hydrated with pure, filtered water for a fun – and safe – summer.

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