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Can My Skin Improve Simply By Drinking Water?

In 2013, a British woman claimed that drinking three liters of water per day for four weeks took 10 years off her appearance. According to 42-year-old Sarah Smith, her increased water consumption removed red splotches and dark under eye circles, as well as making her skin more dewy and plump. The story drew global attention due to the drastic before and after photos published by The Daily Mail. Can drinking more water bring similar results to others, or was Ms. Smith’s experience an exception?

Is Water Really All You Need for Healthy Skin?

Drinking water replenishes cells, improves circulation and hydrates skin from the inside out, making skin more radiant and supple. Since cells are mostly composed of water, they need ample amounts of water for function and renewal. Water leaves the body every day through sweating, excretion and breathing, so it’s important to replace the water you lose. Poor hydration leads to dry skin, which in turn can make skin dull, tight and wrinkled.

Experts advise an adequate daily water intake is about 100 ounces for men and 75 ounces for women. This is slightly higher than the “eight 8-ounce glasses” per day rule many have heard before.

Other Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated

Water consumption plays a vital role in keeping skin hydrated, but a good moisturizing and cleansing regimen will complement the effects of drinking water.

Washing your face and body with water unclogs pores and keeps your skin moist. Maintaining a good pH balance on your skin is essential, so water’s neutral pH level of 7 makes it the perfect skin cleanser. Why does pH balance matter? It creates an invisible barrier on your skin that keeps out bad elements (like bacteria) and locks in the good elements (like moisture).

In addition to washing your skin, a good moisturizing routine can make skin glow and wrinkles less obvious. Apply moisturizer right after getting out of the shower. The steam in the shower opens pores, allowing for better absorption of the lotion. Look for a water-based, not oil-based, moisturizer to prevent clogged pores.

How to Drink More Water

A hundred ounces of water a day may seem like a lot, but when spread out over the course of the day it’s quite feasible. Try these tips for increasing your daily water consumption:

  • Add sliced lemon or lime to your water to give it more flavor.
  • Think beyond a glass of water and eat foods with high water content, such as watermelon, lettuce, cucumber, celery, berries, melon and tomatoes.
  • Carry a reusable bottle with you to fill with water wherever you go.
  • Drink water-based beverages, such as tea or coffee.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It protects you, stores liquids, prevents fluid loss, and has many more functions. It is important that you take care of it, not just to maintain its healthy glow but also to keep it as healthy as possible.

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