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Our Family Adventure to The Ontario Science Centre

There are so many fun adventures and activities to get your kids involved with science. Read about our trip to The Ontario Science Centre..... read more

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Fun Activities to Celebrate Canada Day

With Canada day around the corner I’ve spent all week with my kids focusing on Canadian themed activities and crafts.  We have done everything from playing Canadian music, to forcing my big kid to watch the Log Driver’s Waltz. Here’s a general overview of what we’ve done. Basics of Canada With anything geography-based I always....... read more

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The Water Hike: Our Educational Adventure to Find Clean Drinking Water

There are 800 million people in the world who do not have access to clean water.  Women and children are most often tasked with collecting water for their families each day.  On average they walk about 6km a day and carry up to 40lbs of water.   This takes women away from their homes and families....... read more


Terrariums: A Fun-for-the-Family Science Experiment in 5 Easy Steps

I love doing science projects with my kids, well with my big kid. The only science experiments my 9 month old partakes in is figuring out which items are and are not edible. Children are naturally inquisitive, and giving them activities that teach them to question and observe their world help shape them into little....... read more