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Filter Butler Water Filters VS Culligan Water Filters

“Hey Culligan Man!” is the popular catchphrase that is commonly associated with the company’s bottled water delivery service. However, many homeowners have found convenient and affordable ways to filter water at home such as with Whole House Water Filters or Under Sink Filters. This is a market Filter Butler specializes in and one that Culligan has also entered. While Filter Butler does not provide bottled water delivery services they do provide similar products to Culligan which we will compare below.

These products include:

  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Under Sink Filters
  • Water Softeners

Below we will compare Filter Butler’s products to Culligan’s and look at things such as contaminant filtration, filter life and capacity and other factors.

Filter Butler VS Culligan: Whole House Water Filters

Product Overview

It is difficult to compare Culligan’s Whole House Water Filters side-by-side to that of Filter Butler because they have so many options that focus on the removal of specific contaminants whereas Filter Butler’s models remove all of these contaminants in one efficient design. To be fair, it looks like Culligan’s Gold Series filter is their top of the line product and we will review it against Filter Butler’s.

Contaminant Filtration

The Culligan website and independent review sites are a bit unclear about which contaminants the filter removes, referencing mostly the ability to remove unpleasant odors, taste and discoloration from sediments and particulates. Filter Butler’s Whole House Water Filter does this too but is effective at removing 97 percent of chlorine as well as other impurities such as lead, PCBs, radon, pesticides and herbicides, and some volatile organic compounds.

Filter Life and Capacity

Filter Butler offers two sizes of whole house filters, one with a capacity of one million gallons or 10 years and the other with the capacity for 300,000 gallons or three years. Culligan has significantly less capacity in the two available filter sizes for the Gold Series, the smallest being 120,000 gallons and the largest 180,000 gallons, less than five times the capacity of Filter Butler’s.


Filter Butler and Culligan offer water softeners that can be used in conjunction with their water filters, but only Filter Butler offers add-ons that target bacteria and viruses as well as organic and sediment particles that can be added to the existing system. Culligan may have a product that removes bacteria and viruses but they make no claims to it on their website.

Filter Butler VS Culligan: Under Sink Water Filters

Product Overview

Both Culligan and Filter Butler offer under sink water filters that include a kitchen sink faucet to deliver the water. Filter Butler offers one product with two faucet color options – brushed nickel or chrome – whereas Culligan offers two under sink filters, the difference being the filtration system and certification.

Contaminant Filtration

Filter Butler’s under sink filter utilizes Claryum filtration technology, actively targeting 60 impurities including asbestos, herbicides, lead, pesticides and industrial solvents. The Culligan system also reduces harmful impurities although only five are mentioned on their website.

Filter Life and Capacity

Culligan’s rated service capacity is estimated to be 1,000 gallons for their premium model and the filter life unknown. Filter Butler’s has six-month, 500-gallon capacity. Culligan filters generally include maintenance and the company boasts hands-off filter changes and refills. Filter Butler’s system is easy enough to replace without the assistance of a professional and takes just a few minutes.

Filter Butler VS Culligan: Water Softeners

Product Overview

Both companies feature intelligent water softeners but there is one substantial difference between the two that homeowners should be aware of. The Filter Butler water softener is what is called a “salt free” water softener whereas the Culligan model is not. A salt free design means that you, the homeowner, don’t need to purchase salt or other chemicals and add them to your softener to help reduce hardness. This reduces costs and also means that you will be preventing these materials from going into the environment as well as will not be increasing the risk of removing healthy minerals from your water that adding salt can sometimes have.


Both systems are efficient at removing unwanted sediments and particles from your water that may make it hard. This helps to increase the efficiency of appliances as well as prolong their life.

Filter Life and Capacity

Filter Butler’s Salt Free Water Softener boast a filter life of six years. The Culligan website does not mention filter life but does maintain that they have automatic service calls to forgo scheduling.

Filter Butler VS Culligan Water Filters Overview

Culligan is a recognized leader in the water filtration industry with most of the acclaim coming from their bottled water service. While their website does offer some information on their whole house, under sink and water softening products, the lack of concrete information on the contaminants you are protected against (perhaps the most important factor of a water filter), the lifespan of their filters, and the general ambiguity of their major selling points as a whole make it difficult to compare their products “apples to apples.” We found that this extended beyond their website and to other unbiased, objective filter review websites as well.

On the other hand Filter Butler, a company that puts the educated consumer first, utilizes filter products (see Claryum and Aquasana reviews) that are often the highest rated on any independent review sites. If you are ready for the cleanest, safest and most delicious water, look no farther than Filter Butler for all of your filtration and softening needs.

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