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How a Whole House Water Filter is Good for the Environment

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that you are providing your family with safe water, a whole house water filter also brings good conscience that you are being kind to the environment. Let’s take a look at the main environmental benefits of using a whole house water filter.

Decreased Water Bottle Usage

By far the greatest environmental benefit to a whole house water filter is you will no longer need to purchase bottled water. The popularity of bottled water has risen due to growing concerns about the safety of municipal water. Many people don’t like the taste of tap water or want safe, purified water, so they regularly buy and consume bottled water. However, the irony is that bottled water is harmful in several ways.

Plastic Waste

The most obvious environmental impact of bottled water is the plastic waste it creates. Many Canadians are environmentally conscious, yet we still have a long way to go. In 2014, retail sales of bottled water in Canada reached 2.4 billion liters. Consider how much plastic waste that creates. Shockingly, it takes 300 years for a plastic bottle to erode in a landfill.

Petroleum Consumption

Transporting bottles and keeping the bottles cold uses energy. When you multiply how much bottled water is being transported and stored around the world, it is an astronomical amount of fossil fuels. Plus, the production of plastic bottles uses a lot of energy. In an earlier blog post about bottled water, we shared:

According to data from National Geographic, it takes about 24 million gallons of oil to produce one billion plastic bottles. This is roughly the equivalent of filling one quarter of a plastic water bottle up with oil in order to equal the amount needed to produce that bottle.

And while recycled bottles reduce plastic waste, they also require petroleum for the recycling process. This is in addition to the petroleum used for transportation.

A whole house water filtration system provides filtered, clean water from every tap in your home, so you can get your drinking water straight from the faucet.

Don’t think you can part with bottled water? If you’re always on the go, we recommend using a refillable, BPA-free plastic or glass bottle to stay hydrated when you’re on the move.

More Efficient Appliances

By including a salt-free water softener and descaler as part of your whole house water filter, you can enjoy additional benefits to the environment. This component prevents scale from forming on appliances and glassware. Without scale build up, your water-using appliances can become as much as 20-30% more efficient. This means your appliances will use less energy to perform at optimal levels.

Furthermore, a salt-free water softener has no adverse affects on the environment. Unlike a salt-based water softener, you are not wasting a resource (salt) nor are you adding salt into wastewater. Too much salinity in wastewater can increase treatment costs and make the water unable to be reused for other purposes, such as irrigation. On the other hand, wastewater from a salt-free water softener is safe for other uses, such as watering your plants or lawn.

As you can see, the whole house water filter can change your lifestyle habits to make you less dependent on bottled water, therefore causing less waste. A salt-free water softener can make your appliances more energy efficient. Are you ready for healthier, safer water? Learn more about our whole house water filter systems.

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