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How to Build an Indoor Snowman

Since winter started my daughter has been begging to build a snowman, but there just hasn’t been enough good packing snow, which is odd for a Canadian winter. Over Christmas we went up north and I told her all the fun snow activities we would do, building snowmen, tobogganing, building forts.  Well when we got there it ground was green and it was rainy. We finally got a few inches of nice, clean snow and guess what happened. My daughter ended up getting sick. She looked longingly at the virgin blanket of snow outside. Feeling sorry for her, I decided to bravely attempt building an indoor snowman.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Felt, to cut into eyes, hats, scarves
  • Buttons
  • Carrots, what’s a snowman without a carrot nose?
  • A plate for your child to work on
  • Gloves
  • A large bowl
  • An ice cream scooper

Let’s Get Started

FB-02-06-15-Snowman-1Step One

First, fill up your large bowl with a fair amount of snow. Pack it down as much as you can before bringing it inside. You will obviously have to work fairly quickly because the snow will begin to melt.

Step Two

Start with a nice base of snow on the plate to keep the snowman nice and cool and to prevent him from sliding all over the place.

Step Three

FB-02-06-15-Snowman-2Start Building! You can use your hands or the ice cream scooper. You can decide what size they can make their cold friend. We did mini snowmen.

My big kid LOVED being able to make a snowman inside the house. On the other hand my 18 month old hated every second and wanted nothing to do with the snow. Once your snowman is nicely formed you can quickly decorate it. Odds are around this point your child will ask to listen to “Do you want to build a snowman” from the Disney movie Frozen. The answer should be no! You will never get that song out of your head and you’ll inevitably end up singing it to yourself while typing a blog on how to build an indoor snowman.

FB-02-06-15-Snowman-3Once your mini indoor snowman is built and dressed for the occasion, you have two options.

One, you can slowly watch him melt and discuss the states of water (in the most fun way possible or you may completely ruin the activity for them).

Two, release your snowman into his natural habitat. We found a nice spot right outside the door where the kids could watch their snowmen all day. If you used a real carrot for the nose and have a hungry dog, a window sill might be a better spot. My kids apparently don’t like seeing their snowmen devoured by ravenous canines.

FB-02-06-15-Snowman-4This activity is quick, easy and great for being sick on a frosty winter day. The best part is the only clean up may be a bit of water to wipe up at the end. I have a feeling by the end of the week we will have a massive village of snow people decorating all the window sills on our house. It’s also a great way to celebrate winter from the warmth of indoors, especially on days that dip below -20.

What are some of your favourite indoor winter activities to do with kids? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Alex MacDonald

Alex MacDonald

Alex is a play at home mom with two young kids. She is passionate about child nurturing, education, and safety.
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