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Why Keeping Our Lakes and Oceans Clean Is So Important

Water is one of the most mesmerizing things for children from an early age.  The feel, sound, and movement of water often can calm any child.  Children love every interaction they have with water, from sipping it in a cup for the first time, to learning to swim. One of the best parts about raising children in Canada is the abundance of majestic, clean lakes.  We have over three million lakes in this country, our freshwater lakes account for almost 9% of Canada’s area.  Add to that over 200,000 km of ocean coastline and it’s not surprising that most of the quintessential Canadian experiences involve water.FB-8-8-14-GB1

Our Family Trip to Georgian Bay

While we often take them for granted, children always appreciate all aspects of camping and cottages.  Some of my favourite childhood memories are of summers up in Georgian Bay.  My children love going to the lake.  My baby’s face turns to sheer joy from simply splashing his little feet around in water.  My daughter is learning to swim, and loves doggy paddling around in her life jacket with cousins.  They get to experience a carefree childhood up here, with more freedom than a city can offer, and more chances to appreciate nature.  Our wilderness turns children into little explorers, searching for toads, wading through rocky water, watching loons, and unsuccessfully attempting to catch fish with nets.FB-8-8-14-GB2

Of course one of the most important water activities with children is boats.  My kids love boats, every kind of boats.  Sailboat, canoe, kayak, paddleboat, or a motor boat, doesn’t matter to them.  Through each boat ride both kids are always engrossed in the different ways boats feel and are propelled.  My big kid loves paddling, the littler one loves just watching the water go by.

A Living Dream

I am beyond grateful to be able to raise my kids in this country.  I love the idyllic childhood our country can provide.  There is nothing comparable.  Though this blog focuses on clean drinking water, the most vital step in keeping our drinking water clean is to keep the source clean.  I want my grandchildren to jump into the cool, clean water of a Canadian lake.  I want them to learn to J-stroke in a canoe in a lake so full of healthy fish that they can watch them swim by.  I want them to learn to swim in water that is clean enough to drink, because it’s inevitable they will.  I want my children, and children’s children to look out on these lakes with the same awe I had as a child, and still have now.FB-8-8-14-GB3

Save Our Water Sources

Here are a few tips to help keep our lakes clean.

  • Avoid using lawn fertilizers and pesticides.
  • If you have a septic tank, ensure it’s in good shape.
  • If you have a motorboat, try to make sure it is a 4 cylinder engine. They release less gas into the water.
  • Keep all fishing bait lead free.
  • When camping, take all garbage with you.
  • Avoid using road salt around lakes in the winter.
  • Do not dump waste into storm drains.

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Alex MacDonald

Alex MacDonald

Alex is a play at home mom with two young kids. She is passionate about child nurturing, education, and safety.
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