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How to Make a Healthy Smash Cake

Having a first birthday cake is such a wonderful memory that every parent want to have. With my daughter we skipped the traditional one year old smash cake photo shoot because I was simply uncomfortable with feeding her cake and couldn’t find a good alternative.  I always regretted not having those cute and messy photos of her.  My littlest one turned one last month and I was determined to make him a fun and healthy smash cake.  Every recipe I found though would just replace refined white sugar with more natural sugars.  While natural sugars are a bit healthier, sugar is sugar, and the sugar contents were still ridiculously high.  I just could not comfortably feed one to my baby. My kids will turn down any cake for a bowl full of fresh fruit. So, I gave up on the traditional cake idea and I came up with my own. It’s a “cake” full of all things he loves and I feel completely comfortable feeding it to him.



  • 1 cup of Raspberries
  • 1 cup of Strawberries
  • 1 cup of Blueberries
  • 2 cups of Greek Yogurt
  • 2 cups of Cheerios
  • 8 Skewer Sticks (with sharp ends cut off)

Let’s Begin

Start with making a pattern with your berries on the skewer sticks.  Once all of the sticks are filled with berries, join them together with strawberries on each end to make a square.  Once you have one square made, join the next 4 together to build a square on top, giving you a 2 layered berry open top box.

Next up fill your box with everyone’s favourite, Cheerios. Make sure to flatten out nice and evenly.

Lastly, top it off with yogurt.  The higher the fat, the easier it will be to decorate your “cake”.  I used 10% fat Greek yogurt which is nice and thick.  Smooth the top and corners and then you can decorate it however you would like.  I made one out of cut blueberries and chopped some strawberries, hoping to entice my baby into getting right in there.

Being Healthy Can Be Easy and Fun

FB-8-15-14-Cake-2From start to finish it took about 15 minutes to put this cake together.  I did it the morning of our photo shoot, so it was nice and fresh (cause who likes soggy Cheerios).

It did take my son a little bit of encouragement to start smashing but once he noticed the berries he got right in there. He had a bit of help from his older sibling too.  With the help of my lovely photographer friend, we managed to get great shots without me compromising
my zero junk food rule (I am a very mean mommy sometimes).

FB-8-15-14-Cake-3My dog Riker actually has the same birthday
as my son. So, it just seemed right that once Milo finished up with his portion of the smash cake, Riker swooped in for his own go at it.  We decided to pop a hat on him too so he could have his own little birthday smash cake photo shoot. Luckily, thanks to the basic ingredients I didn’t have to worry about a sick baby or sick dog afterwards!


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