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What is a Home Water Purification System?

The water in our homes is an important resource that we often take for granted. We bathe in the water our home provides, clean our vegetables with it, cook with it and drink it. Something that provides so much to us should be the cleanest and healthiest it can be, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case, which is why many homeowners and even renters are seeking information on water purification systems for their homes.

Here is some basic information to help you learn everything you need to know about water purification systems in your home.

What is a Water Purification System?

A water purification system utilizes a process that is meant to remove unwanted contaminants from water. The purification process has a variety of standard requirements to meet that allow water to be used for drinking.

Most water is disinfected for human consumption, but water purification may reduce the concentration of particulate matter including particles, parasites and bacteria.

The History of Water Purification Systems

There have been several milestones throughout the years that date back to 2000 BCE on the history of water purification and filtration. Early Sanskrit writings mention the first known records of water filtration from sand and charcoal filters. Read more on The History of Water Filtration with Filter Butler’s Resources.

Is Water Quality Really a Major Concern?

The Global Water Crisis Report (PDF) stated “One billion people on earth are without reliable supplies of water, and more than 2 billion people lack basic sanitation.” The water crisis still continues today.

Contaminated water sources such as lakes and rivers are often where we get our seafood, where we swim and play, and even where our tap water is drawn from. Even though tap water is often treated to reduce pollution, everyone who uses tap or well water will be exposed to some level of contaminants every day.

Protect Your Family With Clean Water

A high-quality water filtration system is the best and maybe the only solution to protect your family from harmful water contaminants. A professional water purification system will remove chemicals to ensure the water delivered to your home is free of contaminants.

By installing a water purifying filtration system, you will limit your exposure to harmful chemicals, save money, protect the environment and provide healthier drinking water for your family.

Want more information on Filter Butler’s Water Filtration Systems? We offer whole house systems, under-sink options and many other products to fit your family’s unique needs.

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