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What Size Whole House Water Filter Does My Home Need?

The size of your home plays an important role in choosing the correct whole house water filter. If you install the wrong model or filter type for your home size, you may notice a decrease in water pressure. But no matter what type or size of home you live in, there is a water filter that will fit your needs.

Below we look at how to choose the right water filter based on the size of your home.

Best Water Filters for Houses

The Filter Butler FB-1000 and FB-300 Whole House Water Filters can accommodate most houses. You can determine if these models are right for you based on the size of your house and your number of bathrooms.

Square Footage of Your House

Houses that are 3,500 square feet or less can enjoy all of the benefits of our whole house water filters. Larger homes may need a custom system installed in order to keep water pressure from decreasing, but this also depends on how many bathrooms are in your home.

Number of Bathrooms

Both of our whole house water filter models, the FB-300 and FB-1000, work best in homes with 3.5 bathrooms or less. The number of bathrooms in your home affects the whole house water filter since each bathroom has multiple faucets. Water will need to flow to each of these faucets’ pipes, which makes the water filter work harder. Even if your home is under 3,500 square feet but has 4 or more bathrooms, a standard model may not be the best choice and you may need to consider a custom system for your whole house water filter. Whereas, if you have a larger home and only 2 bathrooms, the water filter will not have as many pipes and faucets to reach so the standard model may work well for you.

Best Water Filters for Apartments and Condos

 Filter Butler is able to install whole house water filters in condos if there is enough space and the owner has access to the water main, has a shut off and pays their own energy bill. However, this does not mean that some renters cannot enjoy access to filtered water.

The Under Sink Water Filter can easily be installed without a plumber’s assistance. All you need are some basic household tools and we can walk you through the installation. If you are renting, you still may be able to install an under sink water filter. If your sink comes equipped with a sprayer or soap dispenser, you will be able to install it without harming your apartment’s plumbing. However, it is best to check with your landlord before installing.

If you’re unsure which model and type of water filter system is right for your home, you can browse our water filter products for additional details or contact us for more information.

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